Sunday, January 15, 2012, 1:30 PM

In this workshop, we will explore the fundamental of photography – the exposure. We will discuss the role of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in making the exposure. We will discuss how to determine the technically correct exposure and how to use this information to make creative decisions in your photography. We will discuss how to use your camera to make adjustments. We will cover the typical settings that most cameras use and how to apply them to making your creative exposure decisions. All throughout the workshop, we will try everything we learn.

I highly recommend this workshop to everyone, regardless of skill level. It is always good for even the most experienced shooters to go back and review the fundamentals of exposure and refresh your basic skillsĀ For beginners, this workshop is one that can have a huge impact immediately on the quality of the photos you take.

Here are some testimonials from previous attendees of this workshop:

“Matthew did a great job of presenting material that is typically considered “the mechanics” of photography. That type of material can be mind numbing. But the informal lecture and hands-on sessions made it much more interesting. I liked that he used real life examples of why one cares about the settings and that he didn’t just read from a text book. ” – John
“Great workshop! Highly recommend this to anyone who is new to the world of DSLRs, or those who would like to gain a more complete understanding of how they work.” – Steve
“Matthew is very knowledgeable. It really helped to go over something and then actually do it.” – Virginia

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