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Client Kudos | Davies Creative Workshops

Client Kudos

What clients have said about our workshops:


Business of Portrait Photography

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is seriously considering starting a new business in photography. Matt Davies covers every aspect in a well thought out approach. He is a wealth of experience and information as well as an excellent teacher. This is one of the best and most informative classes I’ve been to. A must for the person launching a new photography business. It will save you from many days of confusion in the process.

– Sherie

This was an excellent workshop for those looking to get their portrait photography business set up right. Matt is knowledgeable and very willing to share information that he has learned over the years about running a photography business. I highly recommend this workshop.

– Larry

Flash Made Easy

I had a great time in your class today Matt. Thanks for doing such a great job and giving us so much information to work with. I’m looking forward to attending another of your workshops in the future so please put me on your list for anything you may be doing.

– Sherie

Matt has a well prepared lesson plan for his class, with lots of hands-on training with the photography equipment. Using just a few techniques I learned there will greatly improve my portfolio. Thanks.

– Tom

Fundamentals of Exposure

Excellent workshop. Looking forward to the joy of the hands-on learning ahead with the valuable tools Matt gave in this class! Will definitely attend more workshops in the future.

– Karen

Outstanding!!! I expected to learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO… I learned WAY more than that! White balance and exposure values always intimidated me, but now I get it! Can’t wait to start experimenting with all I’ve learned! I’m appreciating all the buttons on my camera even more after this class! They are the tools that will help me better capture what I see through the viewfinder!

– Shari

Great presentation. Lots of material was presented and reviewed. Matt is a good instructor.

– Jim