One Light Layout

You don’t need a truckload of lighting equipment to create great portraits. In this workshop, we will look at creating beautiful portraits using one light source. We will focus specifically on speedlights, though we will also use a studio strobe to show how either can work.

You will see how you can create stunning lighting with just a few items that can all fit in a backpack.

We will explore the different types of lighting setups that can be created using natural light, portable flash, studio strobes, a variety of modifiers and reflectors. This very hands-on workshop will include work with live models applying the information you have learned and generating your own portraits.

I will post updates when we have confirmed our model for the workshop.

See what past attendees of this workshop had to say:

Excellent workshop! Once again Matt was well prepared, with a thorough presentation on portait lighting using a single light source. After going through the slides and discussion we had practice time with a model to try out some of the techniques we learned. – Fred L.