The January workshops have been added.

A really exciting new workshop is being offered on January 26th: The Business of Portrait Photography – Getting Started

Have you been thinking about getting started in business for yourself? Already started but want to make sure you have the basics covered?

In this in-depth workshop, Matthew Davies will help you understand where to begin, what choices you have to make, and what pitfalls to watch out for. Some of the many topics covered will include:

  • Business models – what format is right for you?
  • Understanding the cost of doing business – this drives pricing.
  • Understanding pricing – how do I charge and how much?
  • Understanding products – what do I offer and how do I provide it?
  • Understanding business planning – how do I easily make a plan and what is on it?
  • And many more…

This is an all-day expansion of the business topics we started to cover in the building a home studio workshop.

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