Travelite 750 Stock Image

I’m getting ready to upgrade my lighting once again, and I wanted to offer my current lighting items to you before I put them up for sale on Ebay. You know how much I preach about buying used when you can, so here’s a chance to get into (or add to) studio strobes at a really good price. Modifier attachments are brand specific, so that is why I’m selling everything included (with the exception of the octa softbox, which is an item I just don’t need and is a great starting point for softboxes).

Here is what is included and the new prices:

Two (2) Calumet Travelite 750 watt stobes for a total of 1500 watts available. These are real workhorse lights putting out a lot of power. They have a built in tilt bracket so you can control the angle of the flash when putting them on light stands. These were even used with great effect at our outdoor portrait workshop on a battery unit in sunlight. The retail  is $599 for each unit. Both of the units have new fuses installed. Also includes a brand new flash tube installed this past month (a $69 replacement) and a spare used tube. Both of the units have their traveling caps which protect the flash tubes and modeling lights during transit.

Also included is one 7″ reflector with umbrella holder and one 8″ standard reflector ($45 retail).

One 16″ beauty dish with metal grid and diffusion sock ($60 retail)

One 80cm Ebay Octa Softbox with cloth grid and speedring. ($66 retail)

Photoflex Speedring (allows you to attach a rectangle softbox to the strobes – works with most softboxes, not just Photoflex – I have used Chimera softboxes on this speedring too.) ($40 retail)

Total retail price on everything is $1478. I’m looking for $900 (you save $578 off new equipment!). Just contact me by email at or 720-443-4007 if you’re interested in purchasing the equipment or you have any questions at all.

The only items you would need would be a pair of light stands and a triggering method. A light meter is really useful too.