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Boulder Photography workshop - Lighting the Portrait | Davies Creative Workshops

Register here:  Lighting the Portrait with model

Whether you shoot on location, in a home studio, or in a retail studio, this workshop is a great place to learn hands-on on how to light a portrait using flash and strobe. Not only will you gain knowledge, but you will also gain confidence as you will be doing everything we are learning yourselves. You will work hands on with the lighting, the modifiers and the models to achieve images you not only created, but you designed yourself.

This will be a great workshop with lots of shooting. At the end of this workshop you will not only have a good understanding of how to light a portrait, but you will have added to your portfolio with some great images. While there will be lots of education in this workshop, it will be done mostly with the equipment rather than with slides.

You’ll be learning how to light a studio portrait using speedlights/strobes as well as reflectors and other modifiers. We will expand upon the use of light modifiers and their role in getting very specific lighting results.

I will bring in one or more models depending on the number of photographers so that we can try different lighting for different results. We will have at least two outfit changes so we have a variety of images and looks. We will also get them altogether to work on group lighting.

I estimate this would be about a 4 hour workshop and at the end you would have not just a good understanding of advanced portrait lighting, but also you would have many examples ready to be added to your portfolio. Model releases will be obtained so that you can use the images captured in your marketing efforts if you choose.

In order for us to cover the detailed information required in a 4 hour time block, there are some pre-requisites that students attending should try to meet. If you are unsure about any of these, feel free to contact me before the workshop.


  • Understand how to use your camera in manual mode and adjust ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
  • Understand the concepts of metering for flash and strobe lighting.
  • Understanding of how to adjust the output of flashes.
  • Understand the methods of triggering flashes/strobes.
  • Understand the basics of lighting ratios.
  • Understand the types of lighting modifiers and their effects on the light.

As I confirm models, I will update this description. After 3 registrations, I will add additional models.