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Weekly Photography Update for the week of June 18th | Davies Creative Workshops

Free Webinars:

Click on the title of the webinar to be taken to the website to register.

Recorded on June 15thDavid duChemin presents: LEARNING TO SPEAK THE VISUAL LANGUAGE

Multiple webinars each week – Nik Software Educational Webinars

6/19/2012 – PocketWizard and One Speedlight Portrait Wonders – with Rick Sammon

6/21/2012 – How to print like an ILFORD Master

6/21/2012 – Four Day Creative Live Workshop – Your Tabletop Photo Studio with Don Giannatti

6/26/2012 – Corey Rich: The Anatomy of a Multimedia Video Project

7/17/2012 – Steve Gosling presents: Photographing from the heart

9/19/2012 – Steve Gosling presents: Imperfect impressions

Pro Tour Workshops

7/15/2012 – Sallee School’s Summer School with Joe Buissink and JB Sallee – Denver Airport Marriott at
Gateway Park – $69 Online / $99 at the door

8/30/2012 – Sandy Puc’s Photography Fundamentals Tour – $169 – DoubleTree by Hilton Denver Tech Center

8/30/2012 – Sal Cincotta The Wedding Tour – $99 sales and consultations

8/31/2012 – Sal Cincotta The Wedding Tour – $699 all day workshop

10/28/2012 – Sallee School’s Fall Sememster with Ryan Schembri and JB Sallee – Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park – $69 Online / $99 at the door

Tips & Tricks Articles:

Vintage Film From Scratch – Lightroom 4 – Local photographer and instructor Mark Allison from Focus Photography Workshops wrote a great article on how to achieve the 50’s Kodachrome look in Lightroom 4.

Registering Your Copyrights Using the eCO System – This article from Carolyn E. Wright, Esq walks you through the
process of registering your images for copyright protection. While you automatically own the copyright on any image you create, proving that in court is very difficult unless you have registered the images.  This article shows you the process is simple, and you can do them in batches to keep the registration fees low.

Upcoming Davies Creative Workshops

If there is something you don’t see that you are interested
in, just email me at matt@daviescreative.com
and let me know what you’re interested in.


Studio Lighting for Portraits – This workshop covers lighting the portrait in the studio.

Location Lighting for Portraits – This workshop covers both natural and artificial lighting for the portrait created on location.

Photographing Food – This workshop will be an introduction to food photography covering the basics of lighting and exposure as well as composition and styling.

Beginner Landscape  – This workshop will be an introduction to landscape photography at one of the great locations around the Boulder area. We will cover equipment, metering, and composition.

Model Shoots

Forest Shoot at Flagstaff – We will repeat this popular shoot just up the mountain outside of Boulder.

Lake Shoot at Wonderland Lake – Lots of shooting opportunities at this scenic lake just down the road from the studio.


Intermediate Lightroom – This workshop will pick up where the beginner workshop left off and dive deeper into the software and its features.

Introduction to NIK Software – This workshop provide an introduction to the NIK software suite for high-end image enhancement.

Beginner Landscape Post-Processing – This workshop will talk about the general concepts about processing landscape images and the software and techniques to accomplish them.

Business and Marketing

Album Creation Workflow and Album Sales – Our first guest speaker, Beth Fries from Albums Chic (http://www.albumchic.com/) will be coming this fall. Album Chic has developed a process and workflow to help you narrow your options, price your albums to make a profit for you, and to simplify the entire process for your clients. 

The goal of a workshop is to help simplify the overwhelming album process.  Album Chic’s workshops have been useful to the professional just starting to sell albums and to the seasoned pro that has included albums in their packages for years.  Here is a brief overview of what to expect to learn at a workshop:

  • How to choose an album vendor(s) to keep your album product line simple and allow for up-selling
  • How to calculate album costs with the Album Chic Cost Control Worksheet
  • How to sell an album and how this works with your contract
  • Workflow process after the event for timely and  profitable album delivery