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We will work in a beautiful lake setting to learn about creating beautiful portraits. We will begin with natural light and learn how to use the sun and reflectors to light a portrait.  As it gets darker we will transition to using flash balanced with the ambient light to create natural looking images.

I have one model confirmed, and we will add models as necessary.

Items we will cover include:

  • Finding the light.
  • Understanding how to meter for great exposures.
  • Analyzing the environment to produce the best images.
  • Using reflectors and diffusers to enhance the lighting situation.
  • Using flash to augment natural light.
  • Using gels to make artificial light seem more natural.
  • And much more!

Here is what previous attendess had to say:

  • I’m new to portrait photography. This workshop brought my confidence up to a new level. Working with Matt was fantastic. I will try to make everyone of his workshops that my job will allow. Thanks Matt! – Shannon
  • This was a great workshop. Matt had prepared materials, presented what we need to know, and then assisted us on our shoot. Looking forward to more classes with this group. – Fred